Thanks for your interest in M & M Farmers we specialize in Kariba Earthworms/Red Wigglers/Eisenia Fetida. Like most, we started small and we grow and our strive is to make this an organic site and to share this.  This can be satisfaction hobby not so much work to do but the worms need their attention by you working with them regularly.

To have your own worm farm is existing and to see how quickly they multiply and the vermicompost and worm juice/ tea what you get out of it.  What is exciting when you harvest and see al the cocoons and baby worms. We have a harvesting screen that can help with harvesting to separate the worm from vermicompost.  We want to teach people about this Red Wigglers and the advantages of this great compost worm and the liquid compost.

Healthy soil healthy plants

The secret for the beautiful and healthy garden then you must try Vermi Compost, Worm juice and our homemade EM1. We help you start your own worm farm give you advice and have accessories for your journey as a farmer.  We also discovered other organic products like Diatomaouse Food grade an organic pesticide a this also is a de-worming for an animal.  Our products are 100 % and are safe for animal and humans.  For the Fisherman’s, this worms can be used for fishing bait and other animals also like.  We also have organic cleaning products that is safe.  We will regularly have new things on this site we also have an active Facebook page and Instagram.

Please contact us if you need more information.

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