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We would like to share with you on how we started farming with Kariba Earthworms. On 11 May 2018, we started with our first Wormfarm with 1000 worms.  Within 3 months, we managed to buy about 8000 worms in total. By end of February 2019, they have multiplied to about + 50 000 worms.

We cannot imagine our lives without them. Every night I just need to see if they are fine but this is actually just an excuse! I enjoy watching them crawling through the bedding, observing how they eat, growing and watching all the little babies in our farm. Being a Kariba Earthworm farmer is truly so exciting and gives us so much pleasure. We had our fair share of challenges working in our farm.


We make our own Worm Juice which is also known as Wormtea. It is amazing to see what the juice does to the plants. Our garden is so privileged to have Worm Juice and Vermicompost. Both these products are like vitamins for our garden and what is so amazing is that we produced these products from our own farm. We are so excited and joyful to produce our very own Vermicompost and Worm Juice. It is such an awesome experience!  Before we can use the Vermicompost, we will first have to harvest it. It is indeed an amazing feeling to see the end result of the worms manure which is the black gold for the soil. We believe that our Worm Juice and Vermicompost is the best for the garden as is not expensive and affordable to everyone and very rewarding to every garden or landscaping projects. May it make our country GREEN!

We also sell worms as fishing baits. Fisherman loves the Kariba earthworms because they are effective baits for fishing.  We sell complete worm farms including worms, worm bedding, food and etc.  

I want to challenge you to start your own worm farm or to use the worm tea and vermicompost in your garden. Check out our products and prices. Click here for the products.

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