Our Dream

Our dream came true!. Yes, it started from just a dream!

My friend’s mother had a dream that she must start farming with earthworms for extra money. Marietjie was not interested at that stage but I was. We started to talk about it and I started with my research to get more knowledge on earthworms. That was how our farming journey began.

There are so many benefits to this. You can have your own worm farm as it does not need a big space. It is also an easy and a satisfying hobby. We bought our first worm farm and that was the beginning of our dream. I have also met a lot of wonderful people that gave me good advice on this journey and we bought what we needed from them. We want to thank them for being part of this dream which came true.

Our vision and goal are to teach children about the benefits of earthworms and to go organic.

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