EM 1- Effective Microorganisms


These efficient microbes improve the soil, increase plant health and yield, help keep pests away, and are some of the most important beneficial bacteria and yeasts that make up our world.


How to use:
Before using, first mix 1:20 with water. Then follow instructions below:

Odor Reducer: Apply to places where there is odor buildup. The harmless bacteria “eat” the odor causing germs and the smell is gone!

Indoors: Reduces foul odors, including animals like cats, dogs, mice, other pets. Stinky shoes? Wet clothes from being outside? Gym clothes that haven’t made it to the wash yet? Smoker in the house? Kill these nasty smells!

Outside: Use to control odor in – pigs, cows, chickens. In barns, around the yard, etc.

Houseplants: Mix 2-3tbsp per 1L water and use that to water them.

Animal Bedding: Mix 2tbsp to 1L water. Mix with animal bedding to reduce smell and increase longevity. Spray until bedding is slightly damp but not wet. How much you spray really depends on your climate. If you are in a very dry climate you can spray a little more and mix in evenly. Wetter (more humid) climates use a bit less.

Plants – Growth Aid: When added to water for plants, nutrient uptake efficiency is increased, which increases growth! Improves growth of plants when applied as foliar spray and soil drench. Improves their efficiency in up taking nutrients so naturally, growth is enhanced. With the use of these microorganisms, the nutrients you spray or drench to feed your plants become more bio-available and easily absorbable by the plants. Technically, you can say that plants do not use organic nutrients directly. Microorganisms convert organic nutrients to their inorganic constituents which the plants utilize. Utilizing microbes, you will notice better plant growth and health.

Aid Compost: Mix 2tbsp/L and spray on compost pile to improve decomposition.
Store in cool dry dark place or in the refrigerator.

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